Feb 23, 2017

Locations Share How They Are Participating in Love the Bus Month

Love the Bus month is an annual campaign in February sponsored by the American School Bus Council to raise awareness and appreciation for the experience of riding the school bus. It also acknowledges the dedicated drivers and monitors who safely transport students to and from school.

 Rick Morris at Location #20784 in Marysville, Ohio Love the Bus 2017     Location Manager Rick Morris at Location #20784 in Marysville, Ohio sent in this photo of students’ artwork. The location sponsored a coloring contest and asked students from Harold Lewis Center to participate. Each student received a certificate and a chance to win a coloring book and crayons. 
 Location #27016 in Benton Harbor, Michigan Love the Bus 2017 Driver Jimmie Jenkins from Location #27016 in Benton Harbor, Michigan received a personalized Valentine card from De’Arianna Hill, a student at International Academy at Hull in Benton Harbor, Mich. Hundreds of students at Hull and Martin Luthern King STEAM Academy gave their bus drivers Valentine cards to show their love of riding the bus.
 Ridgefield, Connecticut Love the Bus 2017 Location Safety Manager Doris Urban at Location #12648 in Ridgefield, Connecticut sent in this picture. Doris asked each driver to stand in front of their bus and have their picture taken. She later pasted the pictures onto individual Valentine’s Day cards and proudly displayed them on the Location’s Love the Bus wall.