Jun 06, 2012

First Student to Provide Transportation for Flint Community Schools in Michigan

CINCINNATI — Flint Community Schools in Michigan has awarded a new three-year school transportation contract to First Student, Inc., the nation's leader in student transportation.

First Student will add 45 new buses over the contract term. Buses will continue to operate from the school district's transportation facility. First Student expects to retain more than 90% of the existing work force.

“We look forward to working with Flint Community Schools,” said Doug Meek, First Student area manager. “We are dedicated to providing safe transportation, as well as outstanding service to the students, parents and school district.”

Buses will be equipped with safety features such as GPS tracking systems, the Child Check-Mate electronic reminder system, and crossing gates to allow children to cross in front of the bus at a safe distance.

First Student will provide $15,000 in annual scholarships to graduating seniors selected by the school district.

The contract with Flint Community Schools begins in September.