Jun 24, 2013

First Student Selected to Provide Transportation for Airport Community Schools in Michigan

CINCINNATI First Student, the nation's leader in student transportation, has been awarded the contract to provide school transportation for Airport Community Schools in Carleton, Michigan. This marks the first time the district has partnered with a transportation provider for busing services. The contract is a three-year agreement beginning with the 2013-2014 school year.

First Student will offer parents in the district leading-edge technology with MyFIRSTPass. Students are issued a unique ID card which is scanned when entering and exiting their school bus. The time, date and location is logged and transmitted to a secure database. Parents can find out the information instantly by text message or through push alerts.

First Student will also install additional safety features to the districts' school buses including, GPS tracking systems, onboard digital video cameras, the Child Check-Mate electronic reminder system designed to ensure no child is left unattended on a bus, and crossing gates to allow children to cross in front of the bus at a safe distance.

First Student is offering district drivers the opportunity to join its transportation team. Each new company driver undergoes an extensive behind-the-wheel and classroom training program before transporting any students.

First Student will maintain and manage all of the district's student transportation services, which supports the company's vision of keeping people moving and communities prospering.