Jan 09, 2014

First Student Provides Important School Bus Winter Safety Information to Motorists, Students and Parents


CINCINNATI —Snow and ice trigger important winter weather safety reminders to motorists, students and parents. First Student, North America’s largest provider of school bus transportation, urges motorists who share the road with school buses to use extra precaution and allow plenty of room to stop when approaching or following a school bus as they make frequent stops loading and unloading students. 

First Student school bus drivers participate in a comprehensive training program which includes preparation for driving in inclement weather and adverse conditions like the recent wintery weather. Each First Student bus undergoes a monthly maintenance review and yearly examination to ensure it is functioning at optimal safety and service standards. Drivers also conduct a pre-trip bus inspection every day before they begin their routes.

First Student buses are designed to provide maximum safety every day, even in extreme weather conditions. To help maintain appropriate engine temperatures during extreme cold, certain buses can be plugged in overnight and placed on timers to keep fluids warm.

School buses are the safest way to get to and from school; nearly 10 times safer than walking to school and as much as 13 times safer than traveling in a passenger vehicle, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.