The bus rides to and from school are an important part of the school day. While administration and transportation personnel put forth their best efforts to prevent incidents, they sometimes still occur. FirstACTS® (Active Conduct Tracking System) is a powerful web-based communication tool that helps manage the process of tracking student conduct on First Student school buses.

First Student developed FirstACTS® to help identify, review, respond to and resolve incidents of student misconduct. Through our seamless system, we enhance the flow of communication — from drivers and administrators to parents and students — and further support our collective mission to keep our children safe each and every day.

Benefits of FirstACTS®

Enhanced Communication

  • Response and reaction times are accelerated.
  • Notifications and reminders are emailed to parents, school staff and First Student officials simultaneously with the click of a button.
  • Electronic tracking of communications gives administrators, teachers and parents a greater ability to communicate.

Improved Workflow Management

  • Report entry is streamlined with preloaded student and driver information.
  • Workflow is organized and managed to expedite resolution times.
  • Tedious and time-consuming tasks of tracking, filing, locating and delivering paper documents are eliminated.

Timely Delivery of Solutions

  • Student incident histories can be easily searched, with trends and patterns quickly identified and addressed.
  • Customized reporting can be used constructively to inform policies and procedures that help avoid future student behavioral problems.