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Knowing where your buses are is comforting, but receiving accurate information that drives solid business decisions is control. Our systems offer greater insight into a variety of bus activities to support data-driven decisions that enhance student safety, cost savings and community satisfaction.


Our commitment to high standards is reflected by continuous improvement of our school buses and implementation of advanced technology, which not only ensures safe and efficient operations, but also brings more savings to your school district. To put more information and control at your fingertips, we have outfitted our buses with Global Positioning System (GPS) units by Zonar® to provide near real-time child tracking and pinpointing the location of each vehicle.

Technology | First Student | School Bus Technology
Technology | First Student | School Bus Technology


Our system offers greater insight into bus activities and maximizes efficiencies and reporting of bus stops, speeds, routes, excessive idling and specific onboard events. The GPS unit captures data in five dimensions—latitude, longitude, time, odometer and fuel consumption—and makes this information accessible in near-real-time.
  • Improved communication, efficiency and safety
  • Automatic, near real-time alerts regarding potential issues identified with onboard bus systems
  • Near real-time identification and tracking of school bus location
  • Enforcement of safe travel speeds through verification of school bus speed at all times
  • Maximum fuel efficiency by tracking idling, routing and speed
  • Development of the most efficient route plans by merging detailed trip information with route planning software
  • Optional integration of GPS with Bing Maps to provide school district customers with the ability to see their fleet via a web browser

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