How your district can address student behavioral issues outside the classroom

FirstACTS® (Active Conduct Tracking System), a web-based tool, easily and efficiently reports and tracks student behavior concerns on the school bus.  In 2017, Normal, Illinois’ McLean County Unit District #5, activated FirstACTS  across 26 schools.  

“Since implementing FirstACTS, the timeliness of addressing behavior issues on the bus has shown significant improvement” says Mark Bohl, First Student’s Location Manager in Normal. The previous communication method was email and phone calls. This created delays in dealing with student behavior. By using FirstACTS, issues are handled quickly, school officials are more informed, and drivers are less frustrated.  

FirstACTS has been valuable in improving student behavior, communicating with the district, and driver satisfaction. The process is simple and can be completed by anyone with access in a very short amount of time.  

The FirstACTS support team does a great job in implementing the application and maintains the data and process with input from the school district.  

My staff and I love FirstACTS due to the ease and time savings it provides  us as well as the notice improvement of student behavior on our buses.